National Advisory Board

The National Advisory Board acts as an oversight board for the ACTSP.  This group creates a forum to surface issues within the Trade and Consumer Show industry, makes recommendations on policy and monitors the advancement of the association.  Philanthropic projects funnel through the committee set up by the NAB, a cornerstone of the ACTSP.

Email us if you are interested in participating!


  • Act in advisement on the progress and advancement of the association 
  • Create a forum to address issues within the industry, membership and general public that affect the industry
  • Recommendations are made regarding policy and procedures
  • Committee formation and leadership 

Who is asked:

  • Leaders with experience and understanding of the industry. 
  • Eight members from a cross section of the exhibitor world, CEO of Select Marketing and Executive Director of ACTSP


  • Quarterly teleconferences
  • Events at shows through the year 
  • Yearly meeting, schedule to be determined.


  • Best Practices 
  • Legal and Ethics Watch 
  • Philanthropic and Event 
  • Membership Committee