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A recent USA Snapshots© column in the USA TODAY highlighted the answer to the following:

Have your job responsibilities changed compared with three years ago?

88% of responders said Yes, their responsibilities had increased

Only 5% said that their responsibilities had decreased and 7% indicated no change.

What does this say about the exhibitor world?

In a recent conversation with a fellow exhibitor, a comment was made that they went from show to show and just needed time to plan and strategize the business.   If our interests and opinions match the 23,000 senior leaders and managers surveyed by CEB Succession Management, it is a big statement.

Doing more with less help, resources or time could be the situation the 88%.  How do we rectify this? 

  • Delegation:  wherever possible, delegate – but be sure to follow up.
  • Technology:  use it to cut the time it takes to process orders, make travel plans, etc.
  • Simplify:  do an inventory of all the services you are paying for.  Needed?  Necessary? Simplify wherever you can and save money/time/headaches. 

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NY NOW Update

As the Super Bowl will be remembered as the Seattle Super Rout, the NY NOW show of 2014 will be remembered as the show with the Super Bowl and snow!

Sunday’s weather was unusually mild for the beginning of February.  Traffic inside the show was good and stayed steady until around 5:00.  Monday was a bigger surprise with a tough commute and travel into New York, but the traffic was busy by afternoon, with more out of town buyers arriving. 

The show reported an uptick of 11% in pre-registrants so the game did not keep the buyers away.  This show had 31,000 buyers pre-registered, with a total of 35,000 total attendance expected.  A third of the buyers come from outside the New York tri-state area, with all 50 states and 80 countries represented. 

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